Cory Yeager Feature


“If it has tires or tracks… I’ve probably hauled it,” said Cory Yeager, owner of Yeager Custom Hauling.

Sonoma County, California resident, Yeager started hauling equipment at 18 years old.

“I was tired of making other people rich,” Yeager said.

Yeager was set on getting into the heavy hauling business until friend and colleague Doug Park convinced him that there was a niche market he should go after instead.

Park, an underground utilities contractor, saw a need for an intermediate sized and versatile hauling service for the construction industry in Sonoma County.

“There’s nothing in our area that’s his size,” Park said.

Yeager’s wheelhouse is anything too small for a big rig, but too big for your personal trailer.

Yeager found that work within this niche was as plentiful as it was diverse. Days off are rare, and it’s not uncommon for Yeager to work days topping fourteen hours during peak season.

An average day for Yeager includes loading and unloading up to ten loads.

“Some guys may haul one load eight hours away, while I may have eight loads in eight hours,” Yeager said.

Excavators, tractors, dump trucks, double drum rollers, skid loaders, golf carts and houseboats are only a few of the items Yeager has hauled. It might be easier to list the things he hasn’t hauled.

“In my business, Blackwood Lumber is the best investment I’ve made,” Yeager said. “It’s a lifesaver, without a doubt. You don’t want to look like a fool in front of your customers, trying to load equipment.”

Yeager has been hauling with his PJ Trailer with Blackwood Lumber for more than two years.

“I’m blown away by its strength and durability,” Yeager said.

Safety and simplicity also make Blackwood Lumber Yeager’s ideal trailer decking material.

“It’s about safety for me. I want to employ people and I want them to be safe,” Yeager said. “Blackwood is a timesaver. I can just idle up to load most equipment. This is the only way to load lighter equipment.”


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