Industrial Wood Technology was formed in 2014 after the invention of the innovative decking material, Blackwood Lumber. The company formerly operated under the name of Great American Treating, but changed to IWT to better fit the vision of innovation in the lumber industry.



In November 2015, Blackwood Pro was introduced at the NATDA trade show and convention. Also in November 2015, Blackwood was featured as the cover story for Tracks Magazine.



In January 2016, Blackwood was used to re-floor a trailer for the Discovery Channel show Diesel Brothers.



In September 2017 at the NATDA trade show and convention, IWT introduced Blackwood Max-Trac and LOKT.


At the NATM trade show and convention in February 2018, IWT introduced Premium Trailer Grade (PTG).


Changes, additions and new releases are frequent in our endless pursuit of innovation. Partner with us in solving problems through innovation.